Monday, 9 January 2012

1&1 SEO does it equal 2?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not always as simple as implementing metadata, website content and link building.

We were asked by a company to optimise their website for the major search engines. As a company providing SEO in Glasgow we are more than capable of delivering successful SEO campaigns. However, often external factors must be taken into account when deciding if a campaign is managable or not. Whilst our expert SEO specialists have the skills, fundamental problems often exist.

1and1 SEO

In this instance, 1 and 1 equalled 5 and a fundamental change was required. The client had a Wed Eden website which restricted their metadata and the content which search engines could read on their website.

When we spoke to the client they had spent thousands of pounds with a company building their website so didn't want to spend anymore.

What did we do?

When you face a challenge you can see it as a threat or an opportunity. The threat was that the new client would cancel and decide not to pursue an SEO plan with North Star. Alternatively, they may go to another SEO company who would happily take their money for 6 months with no benefit to the company.

Our view was to consider it as an opportunity to build a long lasting relationship with a new company eager to develop their web presence. Our website developers and SEO specialists got together and decided to take an initial loss and build the client a new website, with a new domain name and custom built tools. This designing and building of the website took two weeks. However, the SEO client was so happy with our service and flexibility that they agreed to sign up to a SEO agreement for 12 months.

Long Lasting SEO Relationships

In the competitive world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) it's important to ensure you look after the client and that the relationship is mutually fufilling. The SEO client used the Web Eden site as a corporate website and the new website we designed, built and manage as an SEO / lead development proposition.


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